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7 steps to improve performance

Businesses these days are not unfamiliar with the power of social media marketing. As such, they are also conversant with the incredible potential of Facebook ads. Paid social ad campaigns can establish brand awareness, promote events, generate leads, drive sales and also develop customer trust. When it works, it can produce amazing results for your business!

However, not every advertiser gets the desired results from their Facebook ad campaigns. Most often (at least at the beginning), they fail to generate clicks or conversions with minimal or no return on investment (ROI). If you are concerned about your Facebook ads underperforming, then take a look below and see if any of these are reasons you may be struggling with. Identifying the issues will certainly get you on the path to better ad performance.

Here are some of the many possible reasons why your Facebook ads are not working and how to fix them:

Reason #1

Your offer is not converting:

Ensure your ads are able to compete with your closest competitors. You have little time to grab the attention of the audience before they assess your ad as sub-par and scroll down. You just have a few seconds to grab attention and portray your brand’s trustworthiness.

So what can you do?

  • Your offer needs to entice the customer to take action. Ask yourself these questions…
    Is there a unique feature that your store or product has?
  • Are you using relevant images and a strong call-to-action, to create a perfect Facebook ad that instantly appeals to your audience to improve conversions?
  • Do you know your website conversion rate? Your offer needs to convert at least 1% of your overall website traffic.
  • It may be time to create new and improved ad copy. Always be testing different ad copy to see which ones perform best.
Reason #2

Funnel is too long or too short:

You need to build a marketing funnel that swiftly moves the prospects from one point to another, to get a conversion. Too long or too short of a funnel can give adverse results. If your funnel is too long, means you are putting too many clicks between the beginning of the click-through and the conversion event, then you are at the risk of losing your visitors along the way. Conversely, if your funnel is too short, means you are asking for the sale soon after the ad click, irrespective of the purchase path, then again you are at the probability of losing your prospect!

So what can you do?

You need to focus on matching the user experience with the purchase path! Make sure to offer value, drive engagement and build awareness prior to asking for the sale! Also, don’t forget to check on functionality and that your funnel is working properly.

Reason #3

Failure to write enticing copy:

For your ad copy to be compelling, it needs to be conversational, because people like it that way! The visitor stops by because of your enticing image and also approves your headline and then it’s time for a quick read of the copy. Make sure it is worth stopping by!

So what can you do?
Well, you can always outsource this part to an experienced copywriter, who can really create the magic, with the customer-centric and benefits-driven copy!
Also, you can run two or more different ads over a couple of days to analyze their outcome, and finally, go with the one which showed the desired result!

Reason #4

Your imagery is blah:

Putting lots of creativity in your paid ad campaigns and regular posts while on Facebook is imperative! As ad creative includes both image and text, work smartly on creating the catchy headlines and the descriptions right through the images to call-to-action.

The main idea is to capture the attention of the target audience in the hustling news feed and enticing them for a diversion, by clicking onto your ad!

So what can you do?

For creating rich, engaging, and attention-grabbing images, you can always fall back upon the many advanced software and applications available that enable you to design state-of-the-art visuals such as Canva. You don’t have to be a designer. It’s that easy to use!

Reason #5

Targeting too broad or too narrow of an audience:

Facebook has a vast database and offers you the ability to segment your audience based on their interests, behaviors, preferences, and even demographics, and more! But you need to be careful with your audience’s selection, as the wrong audience selection can spoil your campaign.

So what can you do?
If your audience is highly targeted, choose your targeting while aiming to meet a good medium between specific and broad. On the contrary, with a narrow audience, remove some of the narrowing target options, while considering extending the geographical area you are targeting!

Reason #6

You might be choosing the wrong objective:

When planning your Facebook ads, choosing the correct campaign objective is really crucial, as it specifies to Facebook, how to share your ads with your audience and also assists in optimizing, to get the desired results, that is, the action you want them to take! Choosing the wrong objective will hinder your ad’s performance and also end up costing you money.

So what can you do?
Choose the right campaign objective that perfectly aligns with your goal! To get more information and additional details, you could also hover over the info icon on each objective
(Facebook offers you three objectives: Awareness, Consideration, and Conversion) and explore how each objective is unique!

Reason #7

You are not spending enough money:

A Low budget results in poor performance of your Facebook ad campaigns. You can be sure that you are not spending enough when you see low or declining impressions as Facebook under delivers your ads.

So what can you do?
Consider increasing your budget. A recommended budget would be at least 5% of expected product revenue.


It is important to identify the reasons if you’re not getting results on your Facebook ads, even after putting in all the efforts and investment. Once you find your desired result in an ad strategy in terms of targeting the right audience, creating effective copy, and conveying a valuable offer, Facebook ads can help you find your prospective customers and convert them into long-term buyers. And lastly, keep testing until you find the right formula for your product or service!

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