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Discover your Niche & Ideal Client- VIP Day

Maximize profits by focusing on your BEST prospects

They say riches are in the niches...

Are you ready to discover your authentic, lucrative niche so that you can attract and keep more ideal clients?
Revealing your niche is surprisingly easy with the simple steps I’ll coach you through.
Take a look at what we’ll coach on:

Virtual VIP Half Day Experience for Niche &
Ideal Clients Profit System

What are VIP Days?
VIP Days are private, one-on-one coaching virtual sessions where I will deliver personalized training and action steps that can be immediately implemented to transform your business.

VIP days are the perfect solution for business owners that have tried the DYI route and now need expert advice on their most pressing marketing challenges.

Our VIP Half Day Format:

How it Works
Take the next Step toward Profitable Niches & Ideal Clients


Ready to get started? Go ahead and click on the ”Book Now” button and got to the checkout page.

Book a Meeting Time

After your purchase, book your meeting time via Calendly. Our virtual VIP Day will be via Zoom Meeting. I will then confirm with you personally to prepare for our VIP Day.

Fill out Questionnaire

Before we begin, You will receive via email a short 5 min. questionnaire in order to maximize our time together.  Must be completed 24 hours before our meeting.

Let’s Make it Happen!
Through our coaching process, we will discover profitable niches and create a plan that will get your company going in the right direction. Time. 3.5 hrs (with breaks in between).

Our Solutions are RIGHT for you If:

Our Solutions are NOT for you If:


“Our mission is to be a trusted partner of our client’s team by providing marketing solutions that deliver results.”

Annette Reid Blaylock – Founder & Media Strategist

Insights Media Solutions is a boutique virtual marketing agency specializing in paid media, digital marketing and branding. Our team of experts includes a collaboration of talented copywriters, designers and marketers. You don’t have to do it all alone. Our experts are here to support your project. Let us do what we do best!

Annette’s corporate background included working with some of the largest media companies such as Tegna, Time Warner, and CBS Radio. As an experienced media advertising professional, Annette has placed millions of dollars in ads. With Annette’s guidance, her clients have increased leads, brand exposure and awareness using a multichannel approach.

She has contributed in advertising campaigns for clients such as Pfizer, General Motors Dealers, and Simon Properties, as well as directed personal brand strategies for corporate executives, local politicians, and creative entrepreneurs.

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The cost of a half day VIP day is $750.00.  We will work together for about 3.5 hours via virtual Zoom meeting with breaks in between.

The time that we will work together is 3.5 hrs.

You can bring one more person that is a decision maker in your company.

Unfortunately no.  We cannot guarantee performance because there are so many different variables that drive sales, however our proven strategies and formulas are set up for campaign success.

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