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You keep thinking, “Do I have the right niche?!” but you’re not sure so you end up trying to serve everybody, even clients who drain your time and energy. Wanting to switch niches is a sign that you’ve grown and now your business is ready for growth. So be brave enough to to leave a niche that isn’t working.

Businesses would not survive without clients and this makes it imperative for every person involved in the business to understand their ideal client niche.

Here are 6 STEPS you can take to get clarity on your niche and finding your ideal client:

•  Step 1:

Keep an open mind.  You may be surprised what you find when doing your initial research.  There may be a profitable niche that is underserved and could greatly benefit from your products or services.

• Step 2:

IDENTIFYING specific “tribes” of potential ideal clients within your category.  Examine your current client list in your CRM.  Do you see any patterns of any particular niche within a category?  For example, if you are marketing to health practitioners and notice you are servicing specifically solo practitioners, it may be time to explore this.

• Step 3:

BRAINSTORMING out of the box.  For example, if you are a Life Coach, brainstorm what specific problems your service can help women in corporations solve. You’ll be surprised at how this will help you “map over” what you do to new groups of people that you may not have previously thought of and who have the money to pay you handsomely.

• Step 4:

TESTING for “hot or not”.  A great way to see trends in topics or keywords is by going to Google Trends and doing a comparison search by keyword phrase.   Also, if you belong to a Facebook group or community you can survey, that would be helpful too.

• Step 5:

MAKING your final choice and creating your marketing message. Once an ideal client niche is determined, your marketing messaging should more easily fall into place by creating content that easily speaks to that audience.

• Step 6:

GETTING STARTED with your new niche. Review your offers and pricing to appeal to your new niche and build strategies around the prospective niche rather than requiring them to cater to your sales and marketing processes.


After knowing what your ideal client niche is, sales and marketing can synchronize to focus on your ideal client avatar and receive cohesive content and communication that is relevant to their needs.  Get started and take steps towards implementing and see profits increase!

If you are ready to find lucrative niches:

 Learn more about choosing your lucrative category of highest potential clients to work with by booking a one-on-one virtual ½ day session. 

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