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SEO tools that Experts use for higher ranking

10 best SEO tools that Experts use for higher ranking

It is impossible to make and implement successful Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies without using some effective and worthwhile online tools.

SEO is considered very complex to execute, and it needs expert advice working in the same field.

The SEO experts often suggest learners use some helpful tools and keep in-depth learning of the different SEO factors.

We have reached almost 20 SEO experts to compile the best SEO tools list. Below is the list of the best SEO tools 2021 which can be used for growing the SEO capabilities.

Why use SEO Tools?

The use of the best SEO tools list saves plenty of time and solves a large number of complex problems. The SEO tools make you learn about what is good for you or not.

Furthermore, the SEO tools are also helpful for observing competitors’ marketing strategies and creating reports for your website.

There are many tools for a particular service. But it is much essential to choose one of them suitable for you.

Managing more than one site at a time requires using some SEO tools for better management and performance.

Ahrefs for Technical Audit

Ahrefs is the most potent and worthwhile SEO tool. Ahrefs was launched in 2011, and within a decade, it has overcome the entire digital marketing industry through its unique and promising SEO service.

Generally, Ahrefs is used to check competitors’ website ranking parameters. It solves different kinds of SEO issues to ensure the better SEO health of the website.

Ahrefs is mainly used for SEO and backlinks analysis. In addition, this tool is perfect for conducting site audits, keyword research, and knowing about new or lost backlinks. It is a paid tool but offers two free searches in a day.

Google Analytics for Search Insights

Google Analytics is an entirely free tool from Google. It was developed by the Google to know search insights and web stats.

Google Analytics checks the incoming traffic thoroughly and observes the traffic for its source and web pages receiving the traffic more.

This tool is perfect for achieving your traffic goal and checking how SEO works according to your traffic goal.

In addition, this tool is also beneficial to find insights for campaign measurement, website conversion, audience reports, and flow visualization.

Google Search Console

This is another much-needed SEO tool for web admins. It is also developed and managed by Google. Every website owner should keep a deep understanding of Google Search Console for taking full benefits of its services.

Along with fixing several technical issues, the Google search console informs website owners about what search engines think about your website.

Google Search Console’s services include clicks’ data, sitemap submission, crawling, indexing, average ranking position, and website CTR. Add Google Search Console to your SEO tools list today to enjoy its services.

KW-Finder for Long-Tail Keywords

A website rank with the help of keywords. The website pages should be packed with some quality long-tail keywords. It is not an easy task to find the right keywords regarding the content you are willing to write.

Many tools commit to providing rankable keywords, but KW-Finder is suggested more by the SEO experts. This is a paid tool but offers two to three free searches in a day.

You can find primary and related keywords in the language of your website. In addition, this tool allows checking keywords’ difficulty to rank and the number of searches made through that keyword.

SEMRush – Advanced SEO Tool

SEMRush is a set of different SEO tools that are accessible from a single dashboard. You can analyze the keywords reports of each website you handle.

SEMRush shows insights of own website’s page performance and competitors website performance as well.

The traffic source comparison with SEMRush presents the full report about traffic source and ranking pages. SEMrush in the SEO tools list handles many SEO jobs at a time.

Google Ads Keyword Planner

It is a free keyword-finding tool from Google ads. Google Ads keyword planner asks to add a website URL, and in results, it will suggest a list of suitable keywords for your website.

Make sure to add those keywords to your website’s quality content. These keywords would help you to rank faster and higher on the search engines.

Google Mobile-Friendly Test

This is among the best SEO optimization tools developed by Google. A mobile-friendly test of a website page is necessary for finding its appearance value on mobile phones.

As most people make searches through their mobile phones, it becomes necessary to check your website’s pages for being mobile-friendly.

Click flow SEO tool for outdated content

Google ranks those websites which publish content regularly. Publishing the new content is necessary for growing website traffic and building new backlinks.

Click Flow tool shows the website’s old and outdated content pages that are not performing well.

Such content in the website needs to be updated with new content or should be removed from the website.

The click flow tool connects with Google Search Console and starts importing the website’s old data in reports.

Pagespeed Insights

A website with good speed should have a page speed of fewer than three seconds; otherwise, the users can move on to other websites providing the same content.

Pagespeed Insights tells some insights about how to fix the slow speed of the pages. Whether you optimize the website for smartphones, desktops, or tablets, this tool will show you problems to fix.


There are many best free SEO tools, but the list is incomplete without adding Grammarly in it. Grammarly can be used as a free tool or as a paid tool.

This tool is much needed to create quality content without grammar mistakes, with good readability and better sentence framing.

Grammarly increases the chances of a website’s higher ranking because it all depends upon the content quality.

Moz Pro

Most of the SEO experts use this tool and suggest it to others too. This tool helps to strengthen website SEO after observing the current and changing Google algorithms.

In addition, Moz Pro also suggests the best keywords for the websites and different insights to grow your website’s traffic. Moz Pro should be on the SEO tools list of every website owner. Wd wed

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